VBO33 was programmed in MQL4 as a so-called “Expert Advisor” (EA) for the well-established and widely used trading platform Metatrader 4 and is a product of several years of research, development and optimization.

The results of extensive back tests indicate a consistently profitable performance for the period of at least the last 10 years.

The VBO33 EA can trade multiple currency pairs in multiple time frames alongside other EAs provided by MT4-Forex-EA.com on one and the same Metatrader 4 account, being a part of a portfolio of diversified trading strategies that distribute risk across a variety of different assets and strategies and help to compensate losses and minimize drawdowns.

The VBO33 strategy

VBO33 uses a special formula, based on Kay Stoeffler’s proprietary technical indicator “VPower” to identify genuine market breakouts, driven by high volume / momentum, which usually occur during the first few hours of the European and the US market sessions and which are often caused by important news releases and major economic events.
Optionally, a combination of several other technical indicators can be used to confirm and filter the signals.

Traded pairs and trading time ranges

On the basis of the most recent back test results, VBO33 is currently set to trade the following currency pairs during the following time ranges (EET):

EURUSD (9:05 – 12:59 & 14:00 – 18:59)
EURJPY (9:05 – 12:59)
EURAUD (9:05 – 12:59)
GBPUSD (10:05 – 12:59 & 15:35 – 18:59)
GBPJPY (10:05 – 12:59)
GBPAUD (10:05 – 12:59)
USDCHF (9:05 – 12:59 & 15:35 – 18:59)
USDJPY (9:05 – 12:59 & 15:35 – 18:59)
XAUUSD (15:35-18:59)

Best & worst market conditions

The VBO33 strategy should be performing best in a volatile market with strong and sustained price moves.
Poor performance is to be expected in a choppy, undecided and nervous market with a lot of false breakouts (“fakeouts”).

Key features

  • Sophisticated breakout strategy based on the powerful VBO algorithm.
  • Trades multiple currency pairs on one account / platform.
  • Trades in 6 different time frames (M5, M15, M30, H1, H4, D1).
  • Trade frequency (with 9 pairs): approx. 6 trades per day in average.
  • Lot size parameter can be set for each time frame and each pair individually.
  • Trading time scheduler (time ranges in which trading is allowed or not allowed can be specified for each pair individually).
  • Spread limit (can be configured for each time frame individually).
  • Daily gain target and daily loss limit.

VBO33 back tests

Here is an example of a VBO33 back test result:

Number of currency pairs tested: 9
Test period: 2007.01.012016.12.31 (10 years)
Risk model: 10:1 leverage / –2% daily loss limit
Initial deposit: $100,000
Total net profit: $498,576
Gain: +498.58%
Profit factor: 1.124
Sharpe ratio: 0.0487
Win rate: 65.51%
Max. drawdown: 12.86%